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Allen grew up in the Ocean County in New Jersey. He attended Jackson High School and there his interest in computers and electronics grew. He would continue his education and completed a degree in Electrical Engineering. Allen enjoys his professional work in Embedded Software and continued his education by obtaining a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Steven's Institute of Technology. Allen has many hobbies. They include electronics, robotics, travel, and programming. Regardless of the season or his current place of residence, you will always find Allen to be a die hard NJ Devils hockey fan.


Genevieve was born and raised in Monmouth Co., NJ, and grew up in Union Beach. She went to Red Bank Regional HS, and there during her junior year her love of ballroom dancing began. After graduating she attended college at East Carolina University, and still bleeds purple and gold today. She finished college with a degree in Marketing and quickly moved into management. Genevieve has many interests, including gardening, assorted crafts, travel, and of course ballroom dancing.

The Couple

It all started with an innocent question, "So can you really dance?" It would grow and blossom into a friendship, where we would share our interest in dance and other parts of our life. Eventually, he asked about getting together (after hockey season ended of course) and a ballroom class was suggested. Both quickly realized how well suited and comfortable they were with each other. As a couple they find fun and adventure where ever they go, just enjoying life and being together. Their birthdays are 5 days apart and for the first birthday together they decided to go on a cruise. Genevieve was already a fan, and Allen quickly became one. Before long an opportunity came knocking for Allen and his work took him to Florida. Once in Florida they took advantage of being close to a pier and went on a few more cruises. Cruising quickly became their preferred method of travel. The next life adventure brought them to Austin, TX, and of course the first step was to see how far they were from a port! So when Allen asked, and Genevieve said yes, there was no question as to where they would celebrate with their loved ones.


We have an open guest policy. If you have someone in your life that would make your vacation the best it can be, we trust that they will make an excellent addition to all the festivities. We want you to enjoy your vacation and have the bonus event of our wedding. We love cruising because it can be any type of vacation you want. Relaxing by water with a fruity drink, adventure and activities galore, dining and entertainment, quality time with the kids or a well deserved romantic getaway, it is all up to you. Best part is you unpack once, and wake up in a new place.

What Where When Why Who How FAQ Guests